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News and Announcements

Update for 4/19/2014

by Markillion on Apr 19, 2014
  • Fixed issue some players were having with Precious Stones, please make sure you are sneaking and have /ps on enabled.
  • Black Markets are now available for rent.
  • Villagers are back to work in Prestige.
  • Cells are rent-able again in Prestige.


Inventory Wipe

During the reset inventory was wiped, which was due to a problem that I didn't expect to happen during the reset. Nevertheless, below are instructions on how to recovery your inventory.


  1. Clear your current inventory and Ender Chest of any new items you might have placed in them. (Items in your inventory will be replaced with old items if you do not!)
  2. Type in /ir

That's it. You follow the steps in the prompt in-game and you will have your items. Remember this can only be done once, so read the help correctly. 

Reset this evening

by Markillion on Apr 18, 2014

The server will reset sometime this evening after 6PM. Downtime is expected to be around 10-30 minutes.


Clans will be reset during this downtime. Clans will be free to create and cost: $75,000 to set a clan home anyone can create a clan but you must be Citizen to set the clan home.


PreciousStones will be changed during this downtime as well. The following are the new stones:


Land Protection T1

Block: Gold Block

Cost: $25,000

Area: 11x11x11

Limit: 2

Refund: 100%

Upkeep: $1750


Land Protection T2

Block: Lapis Block

Cost: $175,000

Area: 11x11x11

Limit: 2

Refund: 50%

Upkeep: $1150


Land Protection T3

Block: Diamond Block

Cost: $425,000

Area: 11x11x11

Limit: 3 (Premium Bonus: 2)

Refund: 0%

Upkeep: $750


Land Protection T4

Block: Not yet available 

Cost: $750,000

Area: 11x11x11

Limit: 0-5 (1000 KC Points per)

Refund: 0%

Upkeep: $0


Use Protection

Block: Iron Block

Cost: $75,000

Area: 1x2x1

Limit: 2

Refund: 50%

Upkeep: $0


Snitch Block

Block: Note Block

Cost: $50,000

Area: 11x11x11

Limit: 2

Refund: 50%

Upkeep: $0


Stone upkeep will be collected once a day similar to Towny. On the days that the stones are placed, disabled and then re-enabled, or modified upkeep will be double. If the player does not have enough upkeep money the stone is then disabled allowing anyone to bypass the protections but not destroy the stone.


Note, upkeep will not be enabled until an update after the reset.

Transfer Stations

by Starzy on Apr 17, 2014

Temporary transfer stations have been set up in Euphoria. You can rent them and use them to store your items during the reset. There are only 48 and they are first come first served. You may only rent one. If you are caught with more than one, you will be removed from it and your items inside will not be refunded. 


As a reminder, the main world map will be reset on the 18th. All Freeville, courtyard, black market, premium market and cells will be cleared. You have until then to move your items. 


Another reminder - if you currently own any spawners, you MUST fill out this form BEFORE the reset. 

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