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We only accept secure payments via Amazon. We do not store, access, or even see any of your payment details. The only thing we get is your ingame name and your name. Amazon only accepts major credit cards.

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Premium Subscripton Automatic

This premium subscription carries over to all gamemodes in the Arcade and has unique benefits to each game!

Paintball Gamemode:
  • Reserve Slot
  • Auto-Balance Priority
  • No Friendly Fire Penalty
  • 384 Snowballs per game
  • 2x Confusion Grenades
  • 2x Slowdown Grenades
  • 2x Speedup Boons
  • Ability to toggle /sneak (Hide your nameplate)
  • 50% discount in the point shop
Stronghold Gamemode:
  • Reserve Slot
  • Extra Ladders on all Kits
  • Extra Food on all Kits
  • No point loss when your team loses a point

Account Unlock

If you have been previously banned on the Paintball server you may choose to unlock your account. Your score points and any progress on the server will be lost. This will not make you exempt from a future ban if caught violating the server rules. Your points and premium rank will be reset upon purchase.

Stronghold Kit: Beserker Automatic

This kit is ideal for anyone that like rushing into the battle. The less HP you have the more damage your weapon will deal.

Full Leather Armor
Iron Axe
Special Ability:
Deal more damage the lower your health.

Stronghold Kit: Warrior Automatic

This kit allows you to stay on the frontline and still use strategy to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Leather Armor
Iron Shovel
Special Ability:
Each hit with your club will give the victim 2 seconds of Blindness.

Stronghold Kit: Crossbowmen Automatic

If you like to remain at a distance and pick off the enemy this is the kit for you.

Leather Armor
Bow (Crossbow); 64 Arrows
Special Ability:
If you hit a player from 20 or more blocks away you will instantly headshot them allow you to instantly kill them.

Stronghold Kit: Priest Automatic

This supportive class can turn the tides of the battle. Make sure to stay in a group for full effect.

Chainmail Armor
Paper (Bandage); Stone Sword
Special Ability:
Hitting a player with a bandage will restore 6 points of health. Any teammates standing within 5 blocks of you will regenerate 1 hunger per second allowing them to naturally regenerate health.

Stronghold Health Pack (All Classes) Automatic

This item pack is added onto any kit that you pick, premium or non-premium everytime you spawn.

1x Health Splash Potion; 1x Regeneration Potion